American International School of Guangzhou
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  Name of University / College / School American International School of Guangzhou   
  Activity Description / Headline welcome to American International School of Guangzhou   
  Who We Are Welcome to the web site of the American International School of Guangzhou. AISG is a warm and wonderful school providing excellent educational opportunities to the expatriate population of greater Guangzhou. Founded in 1981 in the American Consulate, AISG now consists of three separate campuses. The new Science Park campus opened in September 2007 serving students in grades 6 through 12. The elementary campus is located on Er Sha island in the Pearl River near the Xing Hai Concert Hall. AISG's Early Childhood Center, which teaches preschool children from age three, is now located at the Er Sha campus. AISG's educational mission to prepare students for entrance into the very best universities in the world is enhanced by being in the cultural center of Guangzhou and Southern China. As an American International School, AISG aspires to serve students from many different countries. Its curriculum is based on the very best standards and benchmarks of American education. At the same time, AISG's curriculum is organized according to the principles of the International Baccalaureate. Although a young school, AISG already has an impressive record of admissions into top universities in North America, Australia, and a number of Asian countries. Many of our students will be with us only a few years and not necessarily graduate from AISG, as is the norm in international schools. At each grade, AISG offers both a comprehensive academic and activity program. This program is designed to help new students from many different countries to quickly find a home at AISG. AISG's multi-national faculty encourages AISG students to develop an appreciation for China and the diversity of countries represented. We encourage you to visit all parts of our web site and contact us with any questions that you may have. Tomorrow's diplomatic, business, educational, and scientific leaders are enrolled in our school today. We are proud of what we are and whom we serve.    

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