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  Name of Organization Invest in Guatemala   
  Activity Description / Headline welcome to Invest in Guatemala  
  Who We Are Invest in Guatemala is the Investment Promotion Agency from Guatemala created in 1997 as a joint effort from the Government and the private sector. Foreign investors seeking for opportunities in Guatemala can get form Invest in Guatemala professional and personalized counseling through our teams of experts for each sector, including: Contacts and references Facilitating the startup of operations Practical assistance and operative support Updated information Personalized visits Invest in Guatemala is specialized in providing solutions for the specific needs of investors and its team members are recognized for their commitment and professionalism.    

Management Structure
  Heads of state Premier   
  Head of government Chief Minister   
  The Cabinet The Secretary of State   
  Minister Agriculture minister   
  Ministry Ministry of IndustryandInformation   
  Government departments and agencies Department for International Development   
  Diplomatic services, Representatives Ambassador   
  Public and Civil Service Development   
  Governments Programmes : Grants, Funds All Categories of Funding Activity   
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