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  Name of Organization Asahi Shimbun   
  Activity Description / Headline welcome to Asahi Shimbun  
  Who We Are "Public entity of society" as "for the world, for people" ambition to try to work in the newspaper industry, in January 1879 since the launch 25 days, in the same period of time. Hyundai has a lot of information is "hidden in what was happened." "What he did not have that," You must also impress the reader with broader article. Launched before the 130 anniversary of the Start "GLOBE (Globe)" is also one such attempt. "Paper" is not just newspapers. Full-fledged Internet era, WEB system will also further strengthen breaking news.怠Rimasen a constant challenge to keep up the pace of changing times. Asahi Shimbun has a wide range of jobs, there are a variety of sites. Gather news, and the form of newspaper, printing, all over the work to deliver our readers certainly are, editing, production, sale, and advertising departments. Division of Cultural Affairs is responsible for projects such as art exhibitions and music concerts, digital media department, general affairs, accounting and other administrative departments .... The vitality of the scene, including various group companies such as Asahi Shimbun Publications, is supported by the Asahi Shimbun. "Readers First" "The first paper," "The first scene" as our motto, but backed by history and tradition,乗Rikoeru new challenges it will continue Asahi Shimbun.    

Management Structure
  Heads of state    
  Head of government    
  The Cabinet    
  Government departments and agencies    
  Diplomatic services, Representatives    
  Public and Civil Service    
  Governments Programmes : Grants, Funds    
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