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  Name of Business DKS Sports   
  Business Description / Headline Modern Designed Commercial Gym Machine Manufacturer   
  Who We Are At DKS Sports, we are determined to offer you and recommend you a comprehensive diversity of durable, hard-wearing & high caliber custom made fitness & gym equipment based on your ‘desideratum’ or better say requirements sourced by Indian manufactures. Our new customers become rapidly returning and regular buyers as they get precisely what they asked for without any confusion. In many cases small but well known gym club owners or experienced gym equipment buyers knowing precisely what piece of gym equipment they require for their health centers premises and get exceptionally good value deal for outstanding quality gym products. We target the needs of different gymnasium environments such as sport clubs, fitness centers, home gyms, hotel and resorts health centers, school and corporate gymnasium halls, leisure centers, health clubs, Cross Fit, strength sport clubs, IT Sectors, Corporate Companies. All of our custom strength products and strength equipment have been carefully selected with unique exercise features in mind.    

Management Structure
  Legal representative ; Chief Executive Subhajit Sarkar   
  Decision-Maker Aditya Banerjee   
  Marketing; PR. Subhajit Sarkar   
  Sales Department Nil Roy   
  Market Area (Geographic) Asia/Pacific, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal    
  Established 2009   
  Branch(es) Kolkata, Howrah   
  Language Spoken English-First language/Hindi-First language   
  Number of Employees 15   
  Annual Sales Range     
  Import percentage 40%   
  Export Percentage 55%   
  Quality Certifications ISO 9001:2010 Certified   
  Quality Control     
  ISO Certificates 9001:2010   
  Payment Accepted Cash  Credit card   
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