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  Name of University / College / School Shanghai American School   
  Activity Description / Headline welcome to Shanghai American School   
  Who We Are An International Community We describe Shanghai American School as an “international community.” We do so not simply because our students come from a variety of countries or that we are physically located in China. Rather, we strive to develop internationally minded young people who will use their intellect and talents to make a positive difference in the global community that they will inhabit. Similarly, we do not define “community” simply by the fact that our students go to school together. Instead, we desire to be a community in the most meaningful sense. We are parents, students and teachers who draw upon our unique backgrounds to focus on a shared mission of learning together. As such, our “international community” immediately embraces new families and appreciates and honors cultural diversity. We encourage all members of the community to continue to learn and develop — and provide the avenues for them to do so — fully cognizant of our responsibility to contribute substantively to the wider world around us.    

Management Structure
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