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  Name of Organization Arena Beograd   
  Activity Description / Headline All activities undertaken by sports arenas and stadiums, related to the organisation of sports and cultural events  
  Who We Are The strategic concept of the investor – city authorities, was that the “Belgrade Arena” becomes a key factor in enriching the total tourist offer of Belgrade, Serbia’s Capital, by continuously attracting large audiences to its contents and events. The geographical position of Belgrade has always placed it into the centre of all cultural and sports events in this part of Europe. As such, it serves perfectly for attracting the audience from all the surrounding countries, on the one hand, and presents a challenge for the most prominent artists and athletes to gather together at one single place the largest number of their fans, on the other hand. The hall, consisting of six levels and boasts a well-structured local network. Everybody agreed that, after the model of US arenas of this type, Belgrade obtained a fantastic facility that opens up endless possiblities and that belongs among the very best of the world arenas. It is most often included among the three most beautiful halls in Europe: San Giorgio in Barcelona, Oaku in Athens, and Globen in Stockholm. Those who have seen the sports hall in Prague say that it is the only match for the Arena in respect of its modern appearance, state-of-art equipment, excellent architectural solution, and, nowadays unavoidable, VIP boxes with all the elements that accompany a special form of luxury that is implicit to the today’s sports, entertainment and show business. When it comes to sports, Belgrade now has a facility of which it can be proud.    

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