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  Name of University / College / School Shanghai Normal University   
  Activity Description / Headline Even though nearly 1000 international students study at the Shanghai Normal University each year, we still believe it to be highly underestimated. As a school that specializes in teacher training and language teaching, it is extremely familiar with the needs of international students studying Chinese. Regardless of whether a student aims to learn Chinese language, specialized business Chinese or study how to teach Chinese, this school is worthy of attention from international students.   
  Who We Are At present the university has 76 undergraduate disciplines related to 10 subjects, covering Philosophy, Economics, Law, Pedagogy, Literature, History, Science, Engineering, Management Theory and Agriculture. In addition, the major of Chinese Language and Literature was authorized by the Ministry of Education as National Liberal Arts Base for talent cultivation and academic research; and the major of Literature of Ancient China serves as one of the four key bases in the country. In 2005, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission launched Undergraduate Educational Highland project, and five of our majors including MICE Economy, Teacher Education, Chinese Language and Literature, Film and TV Communication and English were selected as key programs of this project. SHNU has 2 primary disciplines and 22 secondary disciplines for doctoral degree programs, 2 mobile post doctoral research center and 93 Master’s degree programs. After many years of solid work, the university has set up many subjects with their specific advantages and features. There are influential disciplines in the academic circle such as Chinese Language and Literature, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Pedagogy, Computational Mathematics and Astrophysics; and disciplines that have attracted wide attention in the society such as Art, Advertisement, Tourism Management, MICE Economy, Rare Earth Materials, and Plant Functional Gene. “Urban Culture Research Center” is the only key research base of Humanities in local universities approved by the Ministry of Education. In the university are also municipal key laboratories in the field of galaxies and cosmology, 3 E-research institutes of urban culture, computational science and comparative linguistics, and a large number of major subjects in the process of further development either at the municipal level or under the supervision of Shanghai Education Commission.    

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