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  Name of Business Citroën   
  Business Description / Headline welcome to Citroën   
  Who We Are Comfortable, is the Citroen product "innovation" concept reflects the repairer, is one of Citroën an important part of DNA. In its dazzling 90-year history, the Citroen perseverance for the user to create the most personalized comfort, and all this has eventually become a celebrity favorite Citroen many important reasons. A comfortable space for human science and technology Twenties of the last century, the end of the first high-level Citroen cars will carry the can reduce the vibration between the engine and the body floating engine noise for the vehicle to provide an effective solution. DS's unique shape the Paris Motor Show in 1955, a miracle: the auto show that day, Citro received 12,000 Sales Order! This is extremely unusual in the history of the world's auto show, and it is a genius designer Vlami Ne-Yo - Bertoni designed inspired by water droplets, this body design can bring a lower drag coefficient, for the occupants of creating a more quiet space. The new listing in 2008 the new Citroen C5 is excellence in the noise area, Citroen inherited DNA, streamlined body design, by reducing, blocking, absorption, etc. to reduce the noise into a new and higher level.    

Management Structure
  Legal representative ; Chief Executive     
  Marketing; PR.     
  Sales Department     
  Market Area (Geographic)    
  Established 1919   
  Language Spoken English-Basic Knowledge   
  Number of Employees 13,900   
  Annual Sales Range     
  Import percentage     
  Export Percentage     
  Quality Certifications     
  Quality Control     
  ISO Certificates     
  Payment Accepted Cash  Invoice  Credit card   
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