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  Name of Business Anlev (HK) Limited   
  Business Description / Headline Anlev is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Analogue Group of Companies in Hong Kong ( with our manufacturing facility in Nanjing, China. We dedicate to the design and manufacture of lifts, escalators and moving walkways which are built using the highest quality material and workmanship under ISO9000 standards in full compliance with major international standards including ANSI, CSA, AS and EN codes. Anlev equipment have been extensively sold to United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Australia and Hong Kong and our lifts, escalators and moving walkways have been successfully installed in a number of prestigious projects in these countries. Further information could be obtained from our website. As part of our expansion programme, we are looking for a distributor in Europe to sell, install and maintain our equipment.   
  Who We Are Welcome to Anlev Anlev is a highly specialized company dedicated solely to the design and manufacture of escalator and moving walkway systems. It is this specialization that has honed our expertise in the field, and allowed us to focus on our aim of providing the highest quality of product and service to our clients. Engineered for comfort, safety and energy efficiency, Anlev escalators and moving walkways provide truly reliable and efficient transport systems that represent a new level of riding experience for passengers worldwide.    

Management Structure
  Legal representative ; Chief Executive     
  Marketing; PR.     
  Sales Department     
  Market Area (Geographic) Worldwide, East Europe, Western Europe, Australia, Germany, France    
  Established 1977   
  Language Spoken     
  Number of Employees 1000   
  Annual Sales Range     
  Import percentage     
  Export Percentage     
  Quality Certifications     
  Quality Control     
  ISO Certificates     
  Payment Accepted Cash  Invoice  Credit card   
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