Arab-British Chamber of Commerce
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  Name of Organization Arab-British Chamber of Commerce   
  Activity Description / Headline welcome to Arab-British Chamber of Commerce  
  Who We Are We are optimistic that the Arab economies will continue to demonstrate considerable dynamism despite the recent financial crises engulfing the rest of the world. Huge budget surpluses, derived from high oil revenues, have led to the Arab region, and in particular the Gulf states, embarking on major infrastructure projects. Over the past decade, Arab countries have adopted ambitious reform programmes designed to enable them to compete more effectively in the global economy. They have liberalised trade, sought to strengthen their private sectors and increase the efficiency of production in their drive to promote economic development. The Chamber is committed to encouraging and promoting Arab-British trade. Over 30 years we have developed a range of services, and gathered experience and knowledge which could prove invaluable to your company. Joining the Chamber puts you in contact with a wide business network in the UK and the Arab world via our strong and productive ties with Arab and British Chambers of Commerce and business communities. Please take a little time to browse our website to see the services that Chamber provides, and review our programme of events. Opportunity beckons for the British exporter prepared to venture into the Arab region. We believe in trying to meet the needs of our customers and appreciate your opinions and suggestions to make the service offering of the Chamber even more successful in the promotion of trade between the regions. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce.    

Management Structure
  Heads of state    
  Head of government Chancellor   
  The Cabinet The Secretary of State   
  Minister Agriculture minister   
  Ministry Minister of Human Resources and Social Security   
  Government departments and agencies Attorney General Office   
  Diplomatic services, Representatives Ambassador   
  Public and Civil Service Agriculture   
  Governments Programmes : Grants, Funds All Categories of Funding Activity   
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