Harbin Institute of Technology
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  Name of University / College / School Harbin Institute of Technology   
  Activity Description / Headline There is no doubt that this is one of the best universities in China located in a very charming and european-style city known as “the Oriental Moscow” or “the Oriental Paris”. For people who love snow sports, Harbin is the best place to be. Harbin Beer is also the earliest and delicious beer in China. Harbin Institute of Technology is a respected, high level university where you can learn the purest mandarin. If you want to learn science and engineering, this is one among the five best universities in China. Computer, electronics, communications, information security, electrical, chemical industry, aircraft manufacturing, automotive, construction, civil engineering and optics are good too. Studies of finance, management, law, tourism also have a very high level. Masters courses can also be taught in English such as Control Science and Engineering/Mechanics (In English), Mechanical Engineering (In English), Material Science and Engineering (In English), Environmental Science and Engineering (In English), International Law (In English).   
  Who We Are After 87 years, HIT has developed into a large nationally renowned multi-disciplinary university with science, engineering and research as its core. We have established our own unique programs related to the field of astronautics that are unparalled anywhere in China. We have broadened our established disciplinary programs by utilizing a cross- disciplinary curriculum and as such have formed a comparatively full disciplinary system that consists of key, emerging and supporting programs. HIT now has 21 schools/departments, including 73 undergraduate programs, 147 masters' programs, 81 doctoral programs, 18 post-doctoral research stations, 18 national key disciplines, and 32 national & provincial (ministerial) key labs. The university employs 2,944 full-time teachers, among which 884are professors, 1,102 are associate professors, including 22 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. At present, there are 42,695 full-time students including 25,035 undergraduates, 11,794 master degree candidates and 4,387 doctorial degree candidates. We also added the Shenzhen Graduate School and Weihai Campus to the main campus in Harbin (including the Research Academy of Science and Technology and Research Academy of Industrial Technology), forming a pattern of 'one university, three campuses'.    

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