Harbin University of Science and Technology
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  Name of University / College / School Harbin University of Science and Technology   
  Activity Description / Headline From 1996 to 2000 our university seized the opportunity of higher education system reform, and set up the talent cultivation system from bachelors to masters and from doctors to post-doctors. The school running layout focuses on undergraduate education, quickening postgraduate education, and steadily developing continual education. HUST now has 16 colleges, 5 teaching departments and 4 training centers, offering 45 bachelor-degree programs, 47 master-degree programs as well as 8 engineering master degrees, 2 first-rate doctor-degree programs, 13 secondary doctor-degree programs, 2 postdoctoral stations, 8 provincial key subjects, 10 provincial key specialties, 4 provincial key labs. So far the total number of students has reached 26,117 in varied categories, including Ph. D. students, postgraduates, undergraduates, junior college students, foreign students, etc. The total number of full-time teachers is 1,337, of whom 671 are associate professors or professors, one being a national academician.   
  Who We Are HUST was founded in the early 1950s. After half a century’s development it has become a multidisciplinary university whose discipline layout is featured with electromechanical engineering as its lead as well as an integration of science and engineering, economy, management, humanities, and law. It boasts four campuses:East Campus, West Campus, South Campus, and North Campus in three districts: Daoli, Nangang, and Dongli, covering over 1,275,000m2, with a total building area of more than 850,000m2, its fixed assets being ¥1.032 billion RMB. The library has a collection of 2.075 million books and about 4,900 Chinese and foreign journals and periodicals.    

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