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  Name of Business Canada Export Centre   
  Business Description / Headline Building Successful Business Opportunities...Internationally.   
  Who We Are Easing International Trade Barriers Our objective at the Canada Export Centre is to support international business development. We are here to help you find, connect and achieve your goals in new markets, whether you are looking to sell, buy, or partner.    

Management Structure
  Legal representative ; Chief Executive     
  Decision-Maker Kuhl   
  Marketing; PR. Kuhl   
  Sales Department     
  Market Area (Geographic) Asia/Pacific, Middle East, Arabia, Mexico, Iran, China, South America, North America    
  Established 2004   
  Branch(es) 10 Locations Worldwide   
  Language Spoken English-First language   
  Number of Employees 47   
  Annual Sales Range     
  Import percentage     
  Export Percentage     
  Quality Certifications     
  Quality Control     
  ISO Certificates     
  Payment Accepted    
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