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  Name of Organization Poynter Online   
  Activity Description / Headline welcome to Poynter Online  
  Who We Are The Poynter Institute is a school for journalists, future journalists, and teachers of journalism. Our students come here in a search for excellence. Our teachers provide focused instruction and personal support in that quest. The Institute prides itself on a style of teaching and learning that helps shape every course and seminar we offer into a Poynter Experience. Here's what you should know about the Poynter Experience: We keep seminars small, which means you get lots of individual attention. We emphasize a hands-on approach, so you participate in discussions, case studies, role-playing, and other exercises to get you involved in learning. Our resident faculty includes distinguished professionals and scholars, all master teachers who bring special expertise to every session. Each seminar also includes visiting faculty, accomplished professionals who leave their jobs for a week to help teach, who spend time with you inside and outside the classroom. As a financially independent, nonprofit organization, the Institute is beholden to no interest except its own mission: to help journalists do their best work.    

Management Structure
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  Diplomatic services, Representatives    
  Public and Civil Service    
  Governments Programmes : Grants, Funds    
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