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  Name of Organization ABA-Invest in Austria   
  Activity Description / Headline Welcome to ABA-Invest in Austria  
  Who We Are Work with the World's Best! The Global Investment Promotion Benchmarking 2009 report of the World Bank Group ranked ABA-Invest in Austria as the top global performer among 181 investment promotion intermediaries (IPIs). ABA-Invest in Austria, a government-operated consulting firm, is the first business address for international investors seeking information in the business location Austria. We offer comprehensive and unbureaucratic know-how for the set up of a company and provide information on incentives, market opportunities and corporate taxation. And all completely free of charge.    

Management Structure
  Heads of state    
  Head of government Chancellor   
  The Cabinet The Secretary of State   
  Minister Agriculture minister   
  Ministry Minister of Human Resources and Social Security   
  Government departments and agencies Attorney General Office   
  Diplomatic services, Representatives Ambassador   
  Public and Civil Service Agriculture   
  Governments Programmes : Grants, Funds All Categories of Funding Activity   
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