Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
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  Name of University / College / School Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute   
  Activity Description / Headline Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute is now a unique ceramic institution, it is one of the thirty-one national universities which has the authority to offer art bachelor degrees and is one of the ninety-four universities that has the authority to offer Chinese Government scholarship to international masters and bachelors. Based on the school of ceramics founded in 1909,the institute was reconstructed and renamed in 1958 . With nearly 50 years’ development, the institute has turned to be a professional, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary higher education institute for ceramics, devoting mainly in ceramic science as well as science, liberal arts, business administration, economics, natural science, education and law. The institute is now well-known in the national and international ceramic area as the important teaching, research and culture exchange base in the ceramic art design and ceramic engineering area.    
  Who We Are Nowadays, the institute consists of eleven sub-ordinary schools and departments: School of Material Science and Engineering, School of Art & Design, School of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, School of Business Administration, School of Information Engineering, Department of Thermal Engineering, Department of Foreign Language, Department of Social Science and Physical Education Department, adult education school and a sub-institute --- Science & Technology and Art Institute. At present , the institute has 32 undergraduate programs , , 23 postgraduate programs. The institute focuses on regular college courses, and it’s entitled to master degrees, high professional education, international students education. Nowadays the institute has two campuses which now have complete teaching and research equipments , elegant environment and full-bodied art atmosphere in campuses, covers 350 acres, five hundred thousand square meters, the total value of the equipments is more than 90 million yuan, almost 1 million and two hundred thousand volumes of books. The institute enrolls students from all parts of the country which covers twenty-nine provinces (cities, etc), with the number of teaching and administrative staff totaled 1100, and has over 15000 students in campus. The institute has series of science platforms, National Engineering Research Center for Domestic&Building Ceramics、Ceramic Research Institute of Light Industry of China、China Ceramic Research Center、National testing and Inspection center for Ceramic products of china、Ceramic Culture Research Center of China、Ceramic Intellectual Property and Information Center of China ,The Ceramic sub-committees of the Chinese Ceramic Society、Ceramic Art Professional Committee of Art and Craft Association of China and The Standardization Association of National Ceramics are affiliated to the institute as well. Authorized by National Personnel Department,National Engineering Research Center for Domestic&Building Ceramics established postdoctoral research station。At present the institute are preparing to establish Product Design Center for Chinese Ceramics、China Center for the research of Ceramic industrial economics and issue《China Ceramic Industry》、《China Ceramics》、《Journal of Ceramics》publicly home and abroad。 The institute always attaches great importance to international exchanges and co-operations, and has established friendly cooperation relationship with over twenty colleges in U.S.A., Japan, Korea S., England, Canada, Finland and many professional associations such as IAC,ECS,NCECA,ACS,JCS,KCS. And it had already enrolled more than thousand international students Since 1958 when the university was established.    

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