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  Name of Organization AIRTEC   
  Activity Description / Headline Welcome to AIRTEC 2009  
  Who We Are The planning for AIRTEC 2009 has begun und I would be delighted if I could welcome you (again) to this trade fair in Frankfurt from November?3 to November 05, 2009. The previous fairs have proven the need for a specialised exhibition for the aerospace supply chain. The 2nd and 3rd tier supplier have found a new home with AIRTEC and the 1st tier suppliers and OEM抯 were contended by the good contacts they could make to exhibitors and possible new suppliers. The exhibitors all together stressed out the quality of trade visitors, the strong B2B transaction and the comfortable and convenience ambience. AIRTEC 2009 will continue in the way the previous fairs appeared. For the exhibition in 2009 we will present a number of new theme parks like UAV World, Aerospace Composite World, Heliworld und Avionic World. We kindly invite you to participate as exhibitor on the success of AIRTEC 2009. Participate and use as exhibitor this unique chance of a trade fair with an uncomparable fair concept, with extraordinary growth, high internationality, dynamic and attractiveness of AIRTEC 2009 at Frankfurt in the heart of Europe. We are looking forward to your participation as exhibitor!    

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