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  Name of University / College / School Pepperdine University    
  Activity Description / Headline welcome to Pepperdine University    
  Who We Are Pepperdine is blessed with one of the most beautiful campus settings in the nation. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, our University offers students and visitors breathtaking vistas that provoke awe, reflection, and inspiration. But equally distinctive are the wonderful professors, students, staff, and friends who make up our community, and the intellectual and spiritual life that we share here. Though this message is written for our Web site, I sincerely welcome the opportunity of meeting and visiting with you at some point in the future. If we did, I would want to talk with you about this remarkable place. I would want to talk to you about what has gone before and of our many exciting plans for the future. And if we had that opportunity to visit, I would talk to you about our purpose -- about our heritage of faith and what makes this university the unique institution of higher learning that it is. And finally, I would speak to you about the faculty who have come here to teach, the staff who have come here to serve, and the administrators who have come here to lead, all for one reason -- to influence our students' lives for good.    

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