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  Name of University / College / School Ningbo International School   
  Activity Description / Headline welcome to Ningbo International School   
  Who We Are Thank you for considering Ningbo International School for your child's education. NBIS is a new, energetic, fast growing co-educational school catering for international day students and boarders as well as a limited number of Chinese students whose parents have ambitions for them to study and graduate overseas. Our well resourced school is located in an attractive environment close to central Ningbo. We are fully licensed and enjoy the enthusiastic support of the Zhejiang and Ningbo Municipal Governments. We are the biggest international school in Ningbo and are about to become the largest in the greater Ningbo area. Our teachers strive to develop globally aware students who are creative and enquiring and who aspire to achieve excellence in all academic and co-curricula programmes. We seek to develop the ability to think critically and independently. We place great importance on promoting and practising our school values of respect, honesty, caring, cooperation, and achievement. From our establishment in 2005 we have had a strong link with the South Australian Department of Education and Children’s Services. We don't profess to be a South Australian school (being fully autonomous), however we implement the fully accredited South Australian Curriculum Standards and Assessment framework (SACSA) throughout the school. SACSA is widely used in Commonwealth countries and increasingly throughout the world. It is a world class, highly respected curriculum. SACSA provides a learning programme from birth to Grade 12. It offers a well structured, rigorous, coherent programme while providing opportunities for teachers to capitalise on aspects of Chinese culture as well as the diverse cultural backgrounds of students. Our curriculum is similar in both content and methodology to the International Baccalaureate. We are part way through the process of joining the IB organisation and intend to provide IB and SACSA in parallel. Copies of the SACSA curriculum are available at the school for inspection by interested parents. Apart from the education offered by our fully qualified teachers (4 year education degrees or higher awards), a major advantage of NBIS is our modest fee structure. We keep our as fees low as possible. Consequently, when compared to the highest fee school - Access International Academy (AIAN), our tuition fees are 51% (for Toddlers), 61% (Kindy & Reception), 65% (Grades 1 & 2), 71% (Grades 3,4,5), 74% (Grades 6 & 7), 74% (Grades 6 & 7), 73% (grades 8 & 9) and 71% (Grade 10). Although we have sought a collegiate approach with other Ningbo area schools, AIAN criticises us on their website because we don't belong to American based or other organisations. At NBIS however, we have little incentive or wish to join expensive affiliations such as WASC or ISS - regional American organisations which can cost over 10,000 RMB to join with recurrent fees that can stretch into the tens of thousands. Our association with the South Australian Education Department is far more prestigious but most importantly, far more beneficial. In keeping fees low we are also not interested in the East Asian Council of Overseas Schools although we satisfy all entrance requirements. We have budgetted to join the Association of Chinese and Mongolian International Schools (ACAMIS) this year however, as we believe this organisation offers value for money. Apart from teaching quality and keeping fees low, another major advantage of NBIS is our proximity to the city centre. Whereas the bus trip to AIAN can take over an hour, the majority of our students arrive at NBIS within 20 minutes. NBIS is committed to ongoing improvement. This year we have budgetted 100,000 RMB for conferences to ensure our teachers remain abreast of developments in education. We have set aside over 800,000 RMB to support our curriculum areas and over 100,000 for classroom resources. We will introduce 2 (possibly 3) modern new buses to our fleet and have budgetted for many other exciting initiatives.    

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